Friday, July 31, 2009

Displacement Zero I am, back on blogger, back to square one, where it had all begun, after a hiatus of almost two years. I had taken a liking to wiki, wordpress and to an extent bigadda as well (well Big B deserves all the credit for that).

So much has changed in the last two years!!! From being just another software junkie in Oracle Corp, to a SIIB student, from living in a "golden cage", to a "cage" that promises "gold", from being one of the youngest team members, to a "veteran" in the college, guess it has been a vicious circle more than a full circle. But I guess, I should have seen it coming. Just two months back, I would look forward to a night out, and now my eyes even refuse to stay wide open during the lectures, leave alone the scary thought of staying up all night for an exam that follows the next day. And the snitch in me took no time to blame it squarely on the schedule that I had followed in the office, wherein I would start my day at 3 in the afternoon and would end at 11.30, popularly known as the 2.5 shift amongst the Oracle folklore. But hey!!! Shouldn’t I be reminded that I should have been in a dormant state of mind just before my "shift timings" should have started???

Ok...I know I have had a lot of cribbing to do, so it’s better that I get back to my old ways. There are some things that haven't changed though. I am still the same - in love with the books (other than the study material of course!), ardent cricket / TT player and an even more sports addict than ever before (fanatic I should say), the foodie in me is still on the prowl for its first lion's share of the pie in Pune (yes believe it or not, but I was nicknamed "Tanker" by my colleagues!!!) and yep above all - The avid BLOGGER. So check out this space for more in the days to come...

Au revoir!

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